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  • UK/European office: +44 (0)1483 877812
  • UK/European support: +44 (0)1483 500088
  • N. America Equine sales: (+1) 978 266 1219
  • N. America PetVet sales: (+1) 978 274 0433
  • N. America support: (+1) 978 274 0623
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Happy 15th Birthday Hallmarq!

Today, 1st February 2016, is a landmark day for Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging. Exactly 15 years ago the company first started in business, with the aim of making MRI possible for the standing horse without general anaesthesia.

From the first standing equine MRI installation at Bell Equine in January 2002, to the second UK installation of the companion animal PetVet MRI at Cave Veterinary Specialists in January 2016, it really has been an incredible journey so far.

2015 topped the bill with the company winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in both the Innovation and International Trade categories, and the Institute of Physics Innovation award.

We cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!

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Standing Equine MRI

EQ2 SystemMRI is now indispensible for diagnosis of equine lameness and performance issues located to the lower limbs.

By visualising slices through tissue MRI can precisely localise damage to bone and highlight any involvement of surrounding soft tissues.  Tendinitis and desmitis are not revealed by x-ray, and ultrasound is unable to penetrate the hoof wall.  By providing an overview of all anatomical structures MRI is the only way to distinguish between the many different diseases underlying "navicular syndrome"

MRI of the fetlock and knee bones allows racehorse trainers to modify their training to prevent poor performance and avoid the risk of serious injury.

Hallmarq manufactures the only equine MRI system that allows the horse to be scanned standing and without the risks associated with general anaesthesia.  Sedation is sufficient to ensure the horse stands quietly in the scanner, and motion compensation software ensures clear images even with slight residual movement.

· Clear diagnosis in over 90% of cases
· No general anaesthesia
· Pay as you go contract, full support included

Hallmarq Equine MRI - Standing for Safety

Petvet Icon

companion animal mri

The PetVet 1.5T MRI system is a unique product manufactured specifically for veterinarians and their companion animal patients.  It is based around a new FDA approved human magnet, but with veterinary specific coils, sequences and patient bed.

Producing outstanding images in patients ranging from giant breeds to Chihuahuas, the PetVet image quality has received praise from specialist veterinarians worldwide.

The PetVet also receives accolades from business owners because the total cost of ownership of this high field magnet is affordable for most veterinary practices imaging a modest number of cases each month.

· The PetVet is paid for ‘as you go’, meaning no large initial capital expenditure
· The PetVet is self-shielded, so you won’t need to build a costly and immoveable RF shielded room
· The PetVet doesn’t require routine helium refills, saving money as helium becomes more scarce and more expensive.
· The PetVet contract includes Hallmarq's comprehensive service and support package, maintaining uptime and eliminating hidden repair and upgrade costs

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