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Hallmarq company values

Hallmarq serves an ethical profession, and from its foundation has aimed to improve animal welfare. The company has always been a business with strong values at the core of its decision making. We know that it is important to live these values both within the business and in our interactions with clients and suppliers. We felt that outlining them here might give an insight into the culture within Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging.

We care

• Care for animals, customers, the environment and each other

We cultivate partnerships around the world

• Collaborate with colleagues, customers, suppliers and investors
• Respect the other, value differences and keep a sense of humour

We use curiosity to innovate

• Listen, learn, think and create
• Become an expert at what you do

We make it happen

• Try honestly, learn from your mistakes and enjoy the successes both big and small
• Be dynamic and adaptable to support the needs of the business

We take pride in what we do

• Deliver quality, pay attention to detail
• Demonstrate honesty and integrity


Hallmarq support for WWF

At the very heart of our business lies the desire to care for the health and wellbeing of animals. Historically Hallmarq focused its expertise on caring for horses with its unique Standing Equine MRI system changing the way that lameness is diagnosed. We then transferred those proven concepts to our PetVet system to offer veterinary specific MRI for small animals.

In line with our core values, fundraising for WWF reinforces our commitment to caring for both animals and people. The work that WWF do is invaluable and changes the lives of communities and endangered species worldwide. To be able to support that work through our own fundraising efforts is a privilege.

We hope that you will help us to help them in reaching their ultimate goal of “people living in harmony with nature” - respecting and valuing the natural world and finding ways to share the Earth’s resources fairly.

To help Hallmarq raise funds for WWF, please visit our page JustGiving Logo


HALLMARQ carbon offset

Doing our bit to help reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change!

Why not find out how you can help to offset your carbon footprint! Visit the website below:


The origins of Hallmarq

Learn more about the foundation of the company