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Your questions about PetVet answered


I’m interested in High Field MRI but can only imagine it's out of my price range. Can you please let me know the cost of the PetVet 1.5T MRI system.


We have made high field MRI affordable! This is because the Total Cost of Ownership is less than you may expect for high field MRI. With PetVet, you don’t need to buy the system; we operate on a Pay-As-You-Go model. You won’t need to build an RF shielded room and you won’t need helium refills. The PetVet has been designed to save on energy and we’ll keep it up to date as software upgrades are part of the extensive service and maintenance contract.

Who else has a Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging MRI machine? I’d like to speak with some end-users.


We have 92 Hallmarq MRI systems installed in 23 countries. So, there are plenty of opportunities to find a veterinarian using our systems. Please contact us and we’ll provide a list of colleagues who would be delighted to speak with you.

I’m not sure I have enough space in my hospital for a high field MRI machine. How much room is required?


The simple answer is about 64 sq meters or 680 sq feet. The longer answer is that when designing locations for MRI systems there are many technical factors to consider, which is why we offer assistance from our own in-house architect during the design phase. The room size itself is determined more by the size of the 5 gauss zone (the red lines on the room drawings in our product detailer) than the physical size of the machine. You have to control the 5 gauss zone for health and safety reasons, and the easiest way to do this is to contain it all within the MRI room. If you cannot build a room of this size then there are other techniques that allow a smaller MRI room. We can advise you on these. We would be delighted to perform a feasibility study for you. Just send us a drawing of your hospital plans; there is no obligation for this service.

In addition, we have a modular unit available for clinics with no inside space, but perhaps with some room in a parking lot/car park.

How good is the PetVet image quality?


We have had very positive feedback from numerous Veterinary Radiologists and Veterinary Neurologists from around the world. The PetVet is made specifically for companion animals and we have spent a great deal of time and effort designing veterinary specific coils which fit the anatomy of our patients well and therefore give some excellent images. Just as an example, we have created our V-shaped spine coil so it fits closely to your patients as they enter the MRI in dorsal recumbency. This provides a 20% better signal than a flat bed made for humans.

We have also written the sequences specifically for dogs and cats. We know that their body tissues react differently compared to humans and by designing the machine for your patients, we get great results.

But, please evaluate for yourself. If you provide your email address we’d be delighted to send you some full studies in DICOM format.

I don’t know much about Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging. What is the history of your company?


Nick Bolas is the co-founder of Hallmarq and the company started because of his love of animals and his expertise in the field of MRIs. Nick, a Ph.D. level MRI scientist, saw the need for a standing equine MRI system that was not currently on the market and convinced people to invest in his idea. He developed the first standing equine MRI when many people said it wasn’t possible.
The product revolutionized equine lameness diagnosis because it allowed veterinarians to gain good quality images of the horse’s leg without the risks of general anesthesia. Horses now need only a mild sedative to stand still enough for this non-invasive procedure.

In 2013 we took our expertise one step further and started developing an MRI system made specifically for companion animals. Our world-class development team has worked on 3T and 4T human systems as well as our standing Equine system for many years so we were able to draw on years of experience when designing the PetVet.

In talking with veterinarians during the development stage, we understood that image quality; affordability and ease of use were paramount. These parameters were all taken into account when designing the PetVet and we now have a high field MRI system that provides quality images at an affordable price. We can train any veterinary team member to use it; you won’t need to hire an MRI technologist.

The PetVet has been installed in large multi-specialty referral hospitals in the US and the UK for. The practice owners, as well as the specialists using the system, are very happy with the results.

We work in a busy practice and can’t afford to have the MRI not working. What is the Uptime percent of the Hallmarq PetVet system?


We pride ourselves on support and maintenance and are proud to say our uptime percent is 99.5%. This compares with typical uptime from other manufacturers of 98%.

Our aim is to provide proactive rather than reactive support. We have therefore designed the PetVet so that the machine sends a signal to headquarters every 10 minutes via its internet connection. This allows us to monitor the machine very closely and attend to problems very quickly. Indeed, we will probably have diagnosed and fixed a problem before you even know it's an issue. Likewise, we are able to log in and help you in the middle of a scan in case you have any worries. This technology is tried and tested having been used on over 70,000 animals in the last 15 years. Our aim is to keep the PetVet running and we are very proud of our ‘score card’.

Is this a used and refurbished magnet from the human medical industry?


No, this is a brand new, state-of-the-art magnet. It is in fact based on an FDA – approved human magnet that has been installed in over 200 human hospitals. We add our veterinary specific coils, patient bed, software, and sequences and build the PetVet; a unique product. PetVet is the only high field MRI system designed specifically for companion animals.

We have thought long and hard about what high field MRI to get and we’ve decided on a PetVet. How long do we need to wait before scanning our first patient?


It will only take a maximum of 6 months between signing the contract and scanning your first case. The magnet must be assembled, shipped, installed, cooled down, and shimmed. We will have a team of MRI engineers on site for the process. After the magnet is installed, we’ll bring in a trainer to ensure your team is ready to use the PetVet. So, plan on about 23 weeks for the entire process.

As a practice owner, I’m concerned about the costs surrounding the acquisition of an MRI machine. Will I need to hire a specially trained MRI technologist to run the machine?


No. The PetVet has been designed for the veterinary industry and therefore one of your veterinary technicians/nurses can easily be trained to use the system. You will not need to hire an MRI technologist. Having said this, there is also flexibility built into the PetVet in case your veterinary team wants to ‘tweak’ some of the parameters.

The other good news about time management is that you can scan a brain in about 30 minutes and a full spine in 45. This quick turn around leaves your team free to get on with other activities.

Finally, as a reminder, all the software is written for companion animals. You won’t need to spend time altering and optimizing sequences for your patients. The PetVet is the only high field MRI machine designed for the veterinarian.

If you have further questions, please contact us at: