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Manufacture and installation

Hallmarq's factory in Guildford, UK


Hallmarq's equine MRI scanners are built in the company's factory near Guildford, UK, before shipping to site. Scanners to be installed in a room are shipped in parts and assembled locally. Modular units are fully assembled and tested in the factory before being relocated by a specialist rigging company. Once installed each unit is calibrated and configured before beginning a four-day training course for site personnel

Installed on a customer site


Inside the scanner room, the magnet is installed over a low pit, so that the centre of the magnet can be located at floor level for scanning the foot of the standing horse. Motor assisted movement in all three directions allows the magnet to be raised for scans of the fetlock, suspensory ligament, carpus or tarsus. Once in position, a coil is clipped around the leg and a series of about 500 images collected, over an hour or so. Images are interpreted by appropriately qualified veterinarians, directly on the scanner or after transfer in DICOM format to PACS storage and a viewing workstation.