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Standing Equine MRI

The Hallmarq Standing Equine MRI is unique. It has been designed from the ground up specifically for equine use, rather than being converted from a human MRI system. Now into its second edition, the ‘EQ2’ has taken over a decade to develop and we continue to improve and upgrade the technology.


The system is available in two different installation options to suit your specific needs. The first is a room installation, should you already have the space available or prefer to build a dedicated MRI facility. The second is as a self-contained module. The modular MRI can be placed on any hard standing ground at your practice and is weather proof, air-conditioned and RF shielded.

Room Installation

Because MRI transmits and receives radio signals, scanning must take place in a dedicated screened room with metal lined walls. The magnet must also be kept at a constant temperature (±1°C, ±2°F) so the room must be fitted with air conditioning. A suitable room can be converted from an existing facility, or be incorporated into a new building design.

Hallmarq recommends a room size of 8m x 6m (26ft x 20ft) to allow MRI of an anaesthetised horse. If you plan to do only standing MRI a room size of 5m x 7m (16ft x 24ft) is sufficient. Design and installation of the RF screened room and air conditioning is a specialist task, and Hallmarq can provide architectural advice to the veterinary clinic and liaise with the room manufacturer to ensure an effective and economic installation.


RF room with standard wooden hitching rail and optional metal stall, finished with internal white lining

RF room under construction with uncovered magnet and unlined walls

Example new standalone building

Room under construction within an existing barn

Section through RF shield

Hallmarq can provide architectural advice and technical drawings

A finished RF room and system installation

The Operator workstation


Modular MRI Room

The Hallmarq modular equine MRI unit is 40' x 40' x 10' (9114mm x 3050mm x 3200mm precisely) and must be placed on concrete capable of supporting a weight of 20,000lbs (9000kg). The only ongoing requirements are an Internet connection and a single phase power supply.

Install one at your clinic and benefit from:

  • Diagnostic rate of 90% or more
  • Minimal site preparation costs
  • Zero purchase price
  • Zero anaesthetic risk
  • 24/7 availability for your clients
  • Full air-conditioning and RF shielding
  • Latest generation motion correction system
  • Expertise developed imaging more than 50,000 horses worldwide
  • Proven global system uptime of >99% across 77 scanners on six continents


The stand-alone module under construction

A stand-alone module installed at Palm Meadows, FL

Inside the modular MRI unit

A horse being positioned



No need for initial purchase capital, Hallmarq's pay-as-you-go terms make financial break-even possible at achievable case volumes. All you need provide is power and an internet connection (with hard standing for the module, or a suitable RF room). Staff costs are low as each exam can be run with just one horse handler and one scanner operator. Hallmarq provides comprehensive training on installation so your staff are ready to start scanning patients straight away with no hidden costs or delays.


Comprehensive support

Your contract automatically includes every software release at no extra cost, plus replacement RF coils for the accidental damage arising from working with horses. Hallmarq's qualified scientists are on hand if you need help, and our proven 99% uptime allows you to make full use of your system. Regular maintenance visits keep the scanner in top condition, with replacement parts included even for normal wear and tear. We help you build your business with educational material for staff, clients and referring vets, and provide support for local CPD events. Every Hallmarq contract includes free training days, entitling your clinicians and operators to attend our annual clinical meeting, our operator meetings held in different international locations, or one of our occasional meetings on specialist topics of relevance to equine MRI.


Imaging your way

Integration with PACS systems and DICOM standards means your images can be read using any standard workstation software. You have the freedom to choose your preferred radiologist to interpret the images (Hallmarq can provide suggestions) or read them yourselves. With over 60,000 horses scanned there is a worldwide pool of expertise to help interpret both the routine and the exceptional case, and Hallmarq is proud to support its community of dedicated specialists, whether established or new.