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MRI rooms

Because MRI transmits and receives radio signals, scanning must take place in a screened room. The magnet must also be kept at a constant temperature (±1°C, ±2°F) so air conditioning is also needed in the room

The room can be converted from an existing facility, or be incorporated into a new building.

Hallmarq recommends a room size to allow MRI of anaesthetised horses of 8m x 6m (26ft x 20ft). If you plan to do only standing MRI a room size of 5m x 7m (16ft x 24ft) is sufficient.

Design and installation of the RF screened room and air conditioning is a specialist task, and Hallmarq can provide architectural advice to the veterinary clinic and liaise with the room manufacturer to ensure an effective and economic installation.

Occasionally, there are locations where constructing an MRI room may not be feasible. For these situations, Hallmarq has developed a new moveable MRI unit which can be placed on any hard standing at your practice. View our Modular MRI Building to learn more.

MRI room Liphook

RF room with standard wooden hitching rail and optional metal stall, finished with internal white lining


RF room under construction

RF room under construction with uncovered magnet and unlined walls



Example new standalone building



 Example of a room under construction in a barn

Room under construction within an existing barn

 RF room shield section

Section through RF shield



Equine room plan

Hallmarq can provide architectural advice, including technical drawings