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Blog MRI scanning higher than the foot
Why use Standing Equine MRI above the foot?
Blog 4 Resolutions for a Sound Horse
If you've got big plans for the year, make sure your horse will be ready to enjoy them.
Blog Hallmarq's Video
You may have seen we've recently created a couple of new videos about Hallmarq and Equine MRI: here's how we went about it and why.
Blog Penetrating Injuries and MRI
Standing MRI can be indispensable when assessing a penetrating injury
Blog What's involved in an MRI scan?
The 9 steps involved in examination with Standing Equine MRI
Blog Piloting for Success
Achieve the best possible scan images with an effective pilot
Blog Could an MRI help your horse?
How do you know if MRI will help diagnose your horse’s injury? Here are the 3 essential questions you need to ask.
Blog 4 Steps to Great Horse Handling
Because there's more to handling a sedated horse than just holding a leadrope
Blog STIR-ing the Pot
How STIR sequences can aid diagnosis by standing MRI
Record scans in July
MRI use up more than 45% since last year
New installation in Japan
Hallmarq's latest installation goes live at the Ritto Training Centre in Japan