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MRI Coils

PetVet's unique veterinary-specific RF coils have been designed by Hallmarq to give optimal SNR for the anatomy of cats and dogs.

Dual Coil Capability

Hallmarq is pleased to be able to offer a new feature with the PetVet- the ability to scan patients using two coils simultaneously. Above is an image of a canine brachial plexus, showing the difference in image quality when the spine and flex coil are used together.

Head Coil


Hallmarq’s unique veterinary head coil uses an elongated design to give greater coverage than a typical human head coil, making maximum use of the 50cm imaging volume for greater anatomical coverage in each scan.

V-Shaped Bed

The patient bed is V-shaped to suit imaging in dorsal recumbency. Hallmarq’s veterinary spine coil is V-shaped to optimise SNR for the veterinary patient, in contrast to human spine coils which are flat and a poor fit for the dog’s spinal anatomy.

Lateral Recumbency

For imaging in lateral recumbency the PetVet patient bed can be fitted with in-filler cushions to give a flat surface .

Bore Extension

Bore extension

The extension of the bore allows investigation of extremities of large dogs, and another extension at the rear of the magnet allows even the largest dog to be scanned in either orientation. The patient bed trolley disengages from the magnet while scans are being run.  Additional monitoring is provided via capnograph, video camera and non-invasive BP monitor, all of which run back to the operator room.
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What Our Customers Say

"Our Hallmarq Petvet 1.5T MRI scanner produces quality diagnostic images in a timely fashion and is a fantastic asset to our neurology/neurosurgery service. The Technical Service Team is excellent and is always on hand 24/7 if and when we need them.  Apart from our Radiologist, our team had no experience in running an MRI, but the training that was given to our Specialist Neurology Team was first class, within two weeks our Team were fully certified."

Tom Cave
Owner, Cave Veterinary Specialists Ltd